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What's new in May 2022

May 19, 2022

More than 550 books have been added to University Press Scholarship Online this month from 19 of our partner presses, including titles from Oxford University Press.

New works have been added to 25 subject modules, including Film, Television, and Radio, History, Literature, Political Science, and Sociology. These books cover a multitude of topics, from representing homelessness to the debate between philosophical optimism and pessimism, and from jazz in socialist Vietnam to a cross-country comparison of health systems.

This update includes the following Open Access titles:

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Discover a selection of new books by clicking on the covers below:

                     Representing Homelessness        American Exceptionalism: A New History of an Old Idea         The Value of the World and of Oneself: Philosophical Optimism and Pessimism from Aristotle to Modernity        Playing Jazz in Socialist Vietnam: Quyên Văn Minh and Jazz in Há Nôi       Comparing Health Systems