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University of Chicago Press author awarded Nobel Prize

October 9, 2018

William D. Nordhaus has been announced as the joint winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, alongside Paul M. Romer. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences explained:

The contributions of Paul Romer and William Nordhaus are methodological, providing us with fundamental insights into the causes and consequences of technological innovation and climate change. This year’s Laureates do not deliver conclusive answers, but their findings have brought us considerably closer to answering the question of how we can achieve sustained and sustainable global economic growth.

From Oxford University Press and the University Press Scholarship Online team, we'd like to extend our sincere congratulations. To celebrate this amazing accolade, we've made Nordhaus's chapter from A New Architecture for the U.S. National Accounts, which he co-edited with Dale W. Jorgenson and J. Landefeld, freely available for a limited time.

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