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Introducing Minnesota Scholarship Online

Minnesota Scholarship Online

The University Press of Minnesota has now launched Minnesota Scholarship Online (MNSO). Part of the University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO) platform, MNSO brings hundreds of fascinating Minnesota books online. 

Founded in 1925, the University of Minnesota Press is among the most distinctive American university presses, with an international reputation for publishing boundary-breaking and intellectually rigorous work. MNSO makes over 300 key titles from the Press available online for the first time. The site has added content to nineteen UPSO subjects, including Literature, Philosophy, and Sociology, as well as adding new ‘Art’ and ‘Architecture’ modules.

Read the below sample chapters which cover a fascinating array of subjects, from water privatization, to international LGBT rights, and alien phenomenology.

Minnesota Scholarship Online is available to institutions, so ask your librarian if you have access. If not, then recommend MNSO to your librarian today!

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The Price of Thirst

'The Colonial Origins of Global Water Inequality' in The Price of Thirst: Global Water Inequality and the Coming Chaos by Karen Piper

What is water privatization? Why should we care about private water? In this chapter, Karen Piper discusses water shortages and the murky water politics of resource privatization and capitalism. 

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Alien Phenomenology or What It's Like to be a Thing

'Alien Phenomenology' in Alien Phenomenology or What It's Like to be a Thing by Ian Bogost

Read about the definition of 'alien phenomenology' in a chapter from Ian Bogost's fascinating Alien Phenomenology, or What it's Like to be a Thing. In this chapter, Bogost explores what our search for alien life reveals about the human race, and how alien life-forms might exist in forms impossible for us to imagine.

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Transnational LGBT Activism: Working for Sexual Rights Worldwide

'Introduction: “Studying Up” and the Anthropology of Transnational LGBT Human Rights Advocacy' in Transnational LGBT Activism: Working for Sexual Rights Worldwide by Ryan R. Thoreson

The LGBT civil rights movement has made considerable gains in the past few decades, but there is still progress to be made across the world. This chapter introduces LGBT rights and LGBT advocacy taking place across the world, and how the field is now one of the most contentious aspects in contemporary global human rights.

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