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Global reach
From diversity in publishing partners to a broad range of content, UPSO brings together the best global scholarship on a single platform, ensuring that academic scholarship is increasingly accessible.

Continual growth
We are actively recruiting new partner presses that have robust and diverse publishing programmes, ensuring that UPSO continues to develop a dynamic content set.

Discoverable content
UPSO connects with other Oxford products via the Oxford Index, enabling users to quickly find content that is related to their research.

Enhanced search
Deep tagging and XML content coupled with abstracts and keywords available at book and chapter level, make it easy for users to find content that best meets their research needs.

User benefits

Making academic content accessible and discoverable

  • Broaden research horizons - access high quality scholarly content from leading university presses
  • Link to references from bibliographies and footnotes, including OpenURL and DOI-linking support.
  • UPSO’s frequent update schedule ensures users have access to the latest titles at the forefront of academic scholarship.

Streamlining research

  • Search by author, title, keyword, subject, publication date, and filter your search results to find content most relevant to users’ research.
  • View free abstracts at book and chapter level for all titles
  • Research on-the-go by downloading chapters to PDF
  • Export citations to a range of third party software packages, including RefWorksTM, EndnoteTM, Reference ManagerTM, ProCiteTM, and ZoteroTM

Customizing the user experience

  • Save favourite books, chapters, titles, abstracts, and searches to access in future sessions
  • Share chapters, titles, abstracts, and search results with colleagues using UPSO’s integrated social bookmarking tools, citation export, and DOIs for direct linking
  • There are lots of different ways to view the content – on screen, in a printer friendly format, or convert to PDF for reading offline

Library services and support

  • The assurance of being able to direct users to the highest academic content
  • UPSO easily integrates into library systems
  • COUNTER-compliant, following the Code of Practice for Books and Reference Works
  • Extensive linking supports genuine research journeys, helping to increase the discoverability of library resources
  • MARC21 records are available free of charge to subscribers
  • Book and chapter level DOIs create permanent links from reading lists, and help to promote scholars’ work with UPSO.
  • Flexible purchase models – UPSO is available on annual subscription, or to purchase, down to sub-discipline level
  • Superior customer support, providing subscribers and users with timely responses and assistance.

Obtaining access to University Press Scholarship Online

If you are a Librarian, you can register for a 30 day institutional free trial.

If you are an academic or a student, you can Recommend UPSO to your Librarian.

Free trials are unavailable to private individuals.

Keep up-to-date with the latest news from Oxford University Press and University Press Scholarship Online

You can opt in to receive information from OUP in several different ways:

  • For the latest news related specifically to University Press Scholarship Online, subscribe to the RSS feed from our homepage.
  • To receive information about our latest publishing, including subject news and special offers, join our mailing list for North & South America or the UK, Europe & Rest of World.
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