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The Egyptian Economy

Featured Book

The Egyptian Economy: Current Challenges and Future Prospects

Edited by Hanaa Kheir-El-Din

The Egyptian economy has undergone several reforms since the early 1990s. However, it was not until recently that the reform process picked up speed and intensity. Key initiatives included shifting to a flexible exchange rate regime, liberalizing trade, revising and reducing the tariff structure, and improving the income tax system. This volume aims to evaluate the impact of recent reform policies ... Read more


July 15, 2014

Celebrating Bastille Day

To mark Bastille Day, UPSO and VSI Online have made a free-content reading list on the French Revolution.

June 27, 2014

King Henry VIII born 523 years ago

An UPSO free content reading list to celebrate King Henry VIII's birth, 523 years ago.

May 30, 2014

Almost 300 new books published on UPSO

 UPSO's May update sees almost 300 new books added to the site!