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Oxford University Press Illuminates Shakespeare in 2016

February 4, 2016

Illuminating Shakespeare 2016

Throughout 2016, to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, Oxford University Press is bringing you the very best Shakespeare resources for every stage from school to research, available through our Shakespeare hub: www.oup.com/shakespeare.

Explore a new theme and approach to Shakespeare every month, with specially-commissioned videos, fascinating articles, and interactive content. Then go deeper with selected scholarly articles made freely available for the duration of this year, including the below chapters from University Press Scholarship Online

Shakespeare's Reading

What were the books on Shakespeare's bookshelf? Which literary works in turn inspired one of the greatest writers of the Western world? Find out more with the below chapters, and explore further on the Shakespeare hub

Shakespeare and Women

Visit the Shakespeare hub and read the chapters available below to find out more about the diverse and complex female characters we find in Shakespeare's plays.

Shakespeare and Money

Money and property plays an essential part in some of Shakespeare's plays, such as The Merchant of Venice. Use the chapters below and our Shakespeare hub to explore the role of money in Shakespeare.

Shakespeare and Religion

Read the chapters below and visit our Shakespeare hub to discover Shakespeare's nuanced and intriguing relationship to religion, which he never wrote explicitly about.