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The British Academy is coming to UPSO

March 21, 2014

British Academy

As of April 10th, British Academy Publications Online will move onto its new home - University Press Scholarship Online - where it'll become British Academy Scholarship Online (BASO). Previously a separate site from UPSO, British Academy Publications Online's move onto the platform means that key scholarly works from the British Academy will be accessible with the rest of UPSO's content, ensuring a much more fluid research journey for students, academics, librarians and researchers. BASO will launch with almost 150 titles, and add to 15 UPSO subject modules, including History, Literature, Society and Culture, Archaeology, and Political Science.

The British Academy is the UK’s national body for the humanities and social sciences, with an international reputation for its research activities and interests. Established by the Royal Charter in 1902, it supports research across the full range of humanities and social sciences, with a diverse publication list that reflects the breadth of work supported by the Academy. Their high-quality scholarly works will be an invaluable addition to UPSO's ever-growing list, and we look forward to welcoming them onto the platform come April 10th.

Find out more about the move here.