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Mississippi Scholarship Online now live on UPSO!

March 20, 2014

Mississippi Scholarship Online (MSSO) is now live on University Press Scholarship Online! The University Press of Mississippi was founded in 1970 by the state's eight state universities, and has since built a reputation of publishing the highest calibre of scholalry work which interprets and analyses the complex history and culture of the American South and the nation as a whole. In recent years, it has also enjoyed a reputation as the pre-eminent academic publisher of comic and graphic novel studies. Today, Mississippi Scholarship Online brings together the best of Mississippi's publishing, making scholarly works available in XML for the first time, and launches with almost 200 titles across six subject areas.

Film, Television and Radio – History – Literature – Music – Society and Culture – Sociology

The works cover topics as diverse as they are varied: from the Caribbean novel, to transatlantic blues, superheroes, and the Native Americans of Mississippi. To celebrate the launch of MSSO, read chapters from the books below by just following this link!

Visionary Women Writers of Chicago's Black Arts Movement

The Superhero Reader

Mississippi John Hurt

Shocking the Conscience

Dangerous Curves

American Horror Film






 This update takes the total number of titles available on the platform to just shy of 15,000, and the number of prestigious partner presses to 16!

All these titles, and many more, are just a click away. Start browsing Mississippi Scholarship Online today, and recommend MSSO to your librarian here.