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The Ten Neglected Senses

The Ten Neglected Senses

(p.1) Chapter 1 The Ten Neglected Senses
Christopher Eccleston
Oxford University Press

We grow up learning about the big five senses. But there are many other senses. Psychology has neglected the ten physical senses of balance, movement, pressure (acting in gravity), breathing, fatigue, pain, itch, temperature, appetite, and expulsion (the senses of matter leaving the body). Chapter 1 introduces dominant psychological thinking about perception and makes the case for a specific focus on the psychology of physical sensation. A broad functional approach is introduced with a focus on how our experience is embodied, and for what purpose.

Keywords:   senses, body, embodiment, balance, movement, pressure, breathing, fatigue, pain, itch, temperature, appetite, phenomenology, embodied cognition

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