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Another Person's Poison: A History of Food Allergy

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Another Person's Poison: A History of Food Allergy

By Matthew Smith

This book assesses the political, economic, cultural, and health factors that relate to food allergies. It surveys the history of food allergies from ancient times to the present and provides a clear appraisal of new medical findings on allergies and what they say about our environment, our immune system, and the nature of the food we consume. It shows that for most of the twentieth century, while many physicians and clinicians argued that certain foods could ... Read more


November 18, 2015

Columbia Scholarship Online is now live

Launched today, Columbia Scholarship Online brings almost 400 fascinating new books onto the UPSO platform

November 3, 2015

Individual titles from UPSO partners now available for purchase

Customers can now purchase titles from 13 UPSO partner presses, with more to follow

October 13, 2015

UPSO author wins 2015 Nobel Prize for Economics

Angus Deaton, whose works are available on University Press Scholarship Online, has won this year's prestigious award